Our Farm

Pat's Pastured was founded by Patrick and Kelly McNiff in 2002 and provides the highest quality pasture-raised and grass-fed meats. We raise 100% grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs. Our goal is to provide our livestock with a life that allows them to express their natural instincts fully in a pastured environment. That means that pigs get to root, run and play; chickens get to peck, scratch and crow; turkeys gobble and strut; cows eat grass outside, NOT corn in confinement.


Our Land

150+ acres of pasture and woodlots spread over several pieces of land in Rhode Island. All land is managed in an intensive rotational management system with multiple species of livestock. The main farm is located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island on the historic Briggs Boesch Farm property. All meat and eggs are sold through weekly home delivery, farmers markets, our meat CSA, restaurant sales, and on-farm sales.


Our Guiding Principles

To allow our livestock to express their natural instincts fully in a pasture environment;
To provide the highest quality products to the community;
To improve all land we farm using carefully-managed organic methods;
To share our skills and resources through educational programs and community events;
To operate our business with openness and transparency.


Pat's Pastured FAQ's

What do your animals eat?

Our animals are fed a natural pasture-based diet. They eat grass for at least 3 seasons and, in winter, as the grass dies back they are fed dried grasses such as hay. We supplement this diet as needed with a certified Non-GMO grain. It is a whole bean grain with corn and roasted soy added. There are also fruits and seasonal items such as pumpkins added.

Are your cattle ever fed grain?

No, our cattle are 100% grass-fed, meaning they only eat grass in the growing season and hay in the winter. 

But aren't your chickens and pigs grass-fed too?

All our animals are raised on pasture and eat some grass, but chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs are not ruminants and need some grain in their diets. They are never fed GMO grains. 

What breeds do you raise?

To help increase animal vigor we raise a variety of breeds. Our chickens are Cornish Rocks and Red Stars. Our ducks are Pekin, White Hybrid and Golden 300s. The pigs we raise are Yorkshires, Old Spots, Large Blacks, Tamworths, and Berkshires. Our cows are Red Devons, Herefords, Red Angus, and Black Baldies.

What effect do your practices have on the environment?

Pasture-based farming systems help reduce environmental damage. We use a planned rotation system that builds soil health, promotes healthy ecosystems and prevents over-grazing. Our animals enrich the soil, not deplete it.

Do you ever give your animals antibiotics, hormones, or steroids?



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