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Five Rhode Island Farms Join Forces to Bring Fresh Local Food and Flowers Directly to Your Doorstep

March 14, 2020

BREAKING NEWS  Five Rhode Island Farms Join Forces to Bring Fresh Local Food and Flowers Directly to Your Doorstep

As a community, we are in for some challenges ahead.  We will get through this by helping each other. It’s easy to feel lonely when reading the news or practicing “social distancing” but we are not alone.  We have a community based around local food here in Rhode Island that is as strong, warm and compassionate as ever. We have felt that from day one and that is not changing.  

Our number one priority is the physical and mental health of our staff, our customers, our partners and our entire community.  We are not taking this lightly. We have all doubled our already stringent sanitation efforts and anyone feeling sick will be working from home (there is a surprising amount of office work running a farm).  

100% of our farm products are sold at restaurants, institutions and farmers markets in Rhode Island and neighboring states.  We understand that many folks will not be comfortable going out to eat or shop at farmers markets.  We also anticipate fewer visitors from out of state.  We have crops to keep alive and staff to pay. So we are going to get collaborative and creative.

Pat’s Pastured, Robin Hollow Farm, Sweet and Salty Farm, Walrus and Carpenter Oysters, and Wishing Stone Farm have banded together to offer you a virtual farmers market with a very real delivery to your door.  You can now order all of your favorite local foods on one platform. It couldn’t be simpler - click HERE to place your order (by midnight Tuesday).  Put a cooler on your porch and it will be magically filled with local meat, eggs, cheese, oysters, vegetables and flowers by Thursday afternoon.

We are committed to getting our super fresh and sustainable food and flowers to our community.  If we are going to be stuck at home we may as well celebrate the bounty of the land and sea with our loved ones. There is strength in numbers and together we will persevere!

Yours Truly, 

Pat, Kelly, Polly, Mike, Laura, Andrew, Jules, Priscilla, Skip, Liz, Silas and Ashley




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