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Fourth of July bundle available now!

June 23, 2022

The pinnacle of summer grilling season is almost here: Fourth of July.

Wondering what you’ll make friends and family for the celebration? Give the people what they want, we say!

You can’t lose with classic burgers and hot dogs.

Pastured and grass-fed meat is what elevates plain burgers and hot dogs to the kind of meal that gets an “mmmm” with the first bite.

Cows on pasture with healthy soil and grass, sunshine, and clean air = big flavor. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got picky eaters who stick with mustard and ketchup or enthusiasts who load up with all the fixings, flavor is a given.

Get all you need for the holiday with our Fourth of July grilling bundle, “mmmm” included.

Don’t forget, Saturday is your last chance to order for pick-up or home delivery before Fourth of July.

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