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Join Our Omnivore CSA and Get an Extra 10% to Spend

October 14, 2020

Reserve your spot in Our CSA

When you sign up for our Omnivore CSA, you’ll get an extra 10% to spend from November through April on any of our Partner farm and food artisan products, as well as our own farm’s humanely-raised:

**Grass-fed Beef
**Pastured Chicken
**Pastured Pork
**Pastured Eggs

We never use hormones, antibiotics, steroids or GMOs—and you can taste the difference (and feel good about it, too).


Choose the CSA that's right for you!

Our CSA offers 5 levels at varying price points—all customizable, giving you the option to purchase à la carte items whenever you want (based on inventory). We give you a CSA credit* at the start of the season for shopping at our Farm Store, farmers’ market locations, or online store. Home delivery is also available!

(*CSA credit cannot be used for Thanksgiving turkeys.)

Locally-sourced Partner Products:

Cheese & Yogurt from Narragansett Creamery 
Ghee from Farm True
Bread from Seven Stars Bakery 
Lamb from Hopkins Southdowns  
Scallops from Triton Seafood
Maple Syrup from Blackberry Hill Farm
Snack Sticks & Jerky from Karl Family Farms
Coffee from New Harvest
Hillside Mushrooms
Herbs & Spices from Ocean State Pepper Co.
Organic Vegetables from Little River Farm

Turkey Pre-order

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Reserve one of our pastured, free-range & non-GMO fed turkeys for your holiday table. Two sizes available: 14-17 lbs or 18-22 lbs.


Order Online

Turkey ordering is always open! For all other needs, Shop Wednesday-Sunday this week for home delivery or pickup next week.


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