Meet the MVP of Pat’s Pastured

January 27, 2021

A Farmer’s Best Friend

Today is Trav’s birthday! You’ve probably been greeted by him at the farm store, or he might have been everyone’s entertainment while you stood in line to pick up your turkey.

He’s farmer Pat’s best friend. He’s sweet and patient, especially with children. On the farm, Trav is the senior statesman to visitors and the Alpha to all other dogs—he has a kind manner, but everyone knows he is the top dog.

Trav first came into Pat’s life when he bought him as a trained three-year-old to help with moving his sheep flock. For years, he was super active and loved to herd sheep or play fetch with anything you could throw.

These days, his mind is willing but his legs are tired. That doesn’t stop Trav from moving them like he’s running as he dreams of bygone times when he herded daily.

He’s still farmer Pat’s best buddy with many loving memories made along the way. Happy birthday, Trav!

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