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On the road again

February 6, 2020

Did you know? Farmer Pat is on the board of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association. In fact, Pat just spent a few days at the APPPA national conference in Florida, where he joined other farmers in sharing & discussing the best practices for raising & selling chickens, turkeys and eggs.

Some background: APPPA envisions a world where pasture raised poultry—like what we do on our farm—is the standard model for environmentally, emotionally, and economically sensible poultry production. Per its mission, “this vision includes decentralized food systems, farmstead-sized processing, and as much interaction as possible between producer and consumer.” Read more here

A post about Pat’s experience at the conference will be up on our website soon—stay tuned for details! In the meantime, here’s a short video that shows how Pat and fellow farmers are working to produce the best poultry for you, yes YOU!

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be home sick with a severe cold. One of our crew members recently found herself in bed for a few days, and watched a favorite movie, The Hundred-Foot Journey, a sweet film about people who love food and cooking, and that tells the story of family, cross-cultural exchange and the value of community over conflict. There’s one scene devoted to the making of a perfect omelette, which got us thinking about trying a new egg recipe… And so we found this one for a Masala Omelette, inspired by the film and shared by Heather Schmitt-Gonzalez (scroll down to the bottom for directions). It seems perfect for a winter morning—Enjoy!

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