Order your turkey today!

Our Pastured Turkeys are a Holiday Tradition

October 22, 2020

Make one of our pasture-raised turkeys a family tradition!

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. We never use hormones, antibiotics, steroids or GMOs
  2. They roam free, gobble & strut on green grass and get plenty of sunshine
  3. They’re raised (and processed) humanely with love & care on our own land
  4. They forage on pasture & eat lush green grass daily with some non-GMO grains
  5. All this means the turkeys are full of flavorful, healthy and quality meat

As you can imagine, they’re going fast! We’re sold out of small turkeys, but still have some large (18-22 lbs.) available for pre-order. Reserve your Thanksgiving turkey today, then breathe a sigh of sweet relief.

Having a smaller gathering this year? Cook once and eat twice (or more) is our motto! Plus, holiday leftovers for the next week are usually the best part (hello, cranberry and turkey sandwiches on fresh bakery bread).


Omnivore CSA:

Sign up and get an extra 10% to spend from November-April on any of our Partner farm and food artisan products, as well as on our own farm’s humanely-raised:

  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Pastured Chicken
  • Pastured Pork
  • Pastured Eggs

(CSA credit cannot be used for Thanksgiving turkeys)


Order Online

For other needs, Shop Wednesday-Sunday this week for home delivery or pickup next week.


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      Join Our Omnivore CSA and Get an Extra 10% to Spend

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