Convenient Weekly Home Delivery every Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

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We must not be in your area yet! Select your closest pickup instead. Shoot us an email to talk about setting up a pickup closer to your home!

How It Works

1 Shop Online

Enter your zip code to create your account, browse our online store and place your order. You'll receive an estimated order total based on approximate weights.

2 Leave a Cooler

Be sure to leave an appropriate sized cooler relative to your order outside on the Thursday of your delivery.

3 Collect Your Order

Be sure to put your order in the fridge/freezer as soon as you receive it.

Home Delivery FAQ's

When can I order?

Order by midnight on Saturday for home delivery next week between Wednesday and Friday. (We'll email before delivery with a date confirmation.)

Who delivers my order?
A member of own farm logistics team will deliver your order. We don't use third-party delivery companies. We will notify you once your order is delivered.

What if I'm not home?
No worries! However you MUST leave a well-insulated cooler by your front door.

When will my card be charged if your products are sold by the pound?
Since most of our products are sold by the pound, your checkout total is just an estimate. By entering your credit card info, you give us permission to charge you. Once we pack your order, we charge your card based the exact weight of your items. You'll receive an email with your payment details. 

How much does delivery cost?
We charge a flat delivery rate of $20.00 per order. Orders over $75.00 receive FREE DELIVERY.

Is there an order minimum for delivery?

How will my meats be delivered?
To ensure food safety, your meats will arrive frozen (thawing is best when done slowly in the fridge). If you won't be home for your delivery, please leave a well-insulated cooler on your front door. Please note that it is your responsibility to leave a cooler and collect your order as soon as possible. If you'd like for us to leave your order in a not-so-obvious locations, please send us an email with instructions!

Can I add products to my order?
If you'd like to add to your order please shoot us an email with your additional items by midnight on Tuesday and we will do our best to add them to your order. We'll email you an updated total estimate.


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