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Butter Cuisine: Bernaise Butter

Butter Cuisine: Bernaise Butter

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Butter Cuisine Finishing Butter Recipe

Grilled Steak

Serves Four, Cook Time 8-12 minutes


4) 8oz Steaks.

8) tablespoons Butter Cuisine’s Bernaise Butter. 

2) tablespoons of olive oil.

Pinch to taste Salt & Pepper Mix (50 50 ratio)

Preparation: *Pre heat your char or gas grill to high heat. 

*Season the steaks with salt& pepper mix. Rub with olive oil.

*Sear the steaks on each side for four-six minutes per side, (check for your preference of doneness.)

*Place on a serving platter and dollop 1 large tablespoon of softened Butter Cuisine’s Garlic Herb Butter or Bernaise on each steak.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Brian Halloran.

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