PEPPER - Vampire Repellent

2.5 oz shaker bottle
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Roasted Garlic Blend

Easily ward off any sort of vampire attack, or add a delicious punch of roasted California garlic to your next home cooked adventure. This blend is a must have for any garlic lover and features a great balance of garlic (obviously), with locally grown lemon thyme, marjoram, and of course, organic ground chilies.

A few ideas from the test kitchen:

Game-changing grilled or roasted chicken
A must have for sautéed vegetables
Easily create your own garlic compound butter
Add to water when cooking grains or rice
A new take on ribs, porkchops, and other barbeque favorites


Ingredients: Roasted minced garlic, granulated garlic, granulated onion, sea salt, Canadian coriander, ASTA 120 paprika, marjoram, lemon thyme, organic chilies

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