About Our Farm: Founded in 2002, Pat’s Pastured provides the highest quality pasture-raised and grass-fed meats. Our goal is to provide our livestock with a life that allows them to express their natural instincts fully in a pasture environment. That means that our pigs get to root, run and play; our chickens get to peck, scratch and crow; our turkeys gobble and strut; and our cows eat grass outside, NOT corn in confinement. 

The commitment:
FOUR hours of farm work per week on our East Greenwich, RI farm.  Main task washing and packing eggs.  However this position may be asked to lend a hand with packing for market or other small tasks as required. 

I am able to perform physical labor, including heavy lifting (50+ pounds).

Compensation: CSA Meat Share and a dozen staff eggs per week

Email your inquires to patspastured@gmail.com.